Youth novel ‘The letter for the king’ comes as a series on Netflix

On Netflix comes a series of the award-winning Dutch children’s book De letter voor de Koning. The rights of the book by author Tonke Dragt have been sold to a British production company, which is going to make the series, according to publisher Leopold.

The letter for the king

The story takes place in a fictional past. The protagonist Tiuri is instructed to bring a letter to the king in a distant and remote empire. This is a long journey with a lot of dangers. The book has been translated into 25 languages ​​and in 2004 won the Granger of the Griffels. In 2008 the book was filmed by Pieter Verhoef.

The recordings will start in the autumn, in New Zealand. In this environment the story can be beautifully portrayed, according to publisher Leopold.

Parental supervision Netflix

Netflix offers a wide range of films and series for children. Yet Netflix wants to make it possible for parents to foreclose certain series and films for the children . Parents can set an age limit for films and series with a PIN code.