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Your instagram account will be safer

Instagram recently announced a number of new features that make the app even more attractive to users. Music, shopping and video chat on Instagram make it even more interesting for Instagrammers to spend time in the app. Now Instagram is also working to secure accounts better.

Two-step verification Instagram

Instagram is working on a new two-step verification. Currently, Instagram sends the codes via a text message, but this method can be vulnerable. You can restore an Instagram account by logging in with the phone number associated with the account. The code can be intercepted, making it less secure. If someone accesses your number and links it to a new SIM card, your account can be hacked. This happens with popular account names, which are then sold.

Instagram safer

That’s why Instagram is working on a new two-step verification, where the code is sent to an external app. Examples of these apps are Google Authenticator and Authy. This app always makes codes that are refreshed every few seconds and can not be used on another phone. This makes it harder for hackers to get the correct authentication code. It is not yet known when this security will be available. The protection via SMS also continues to exist.

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