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Your code can save lives

IBM has joined the David Clark Cause to start a new project: the Call for Code Global Initiative ‘. This has set itself the task of better arming the world against climate and other natural disasters. More than a million people have been killed in natural disasters by more than a million people in this century alone, so it is time to put all our technological know-how to deal with them better.

How? By also enabling small teams of developers to use innovative technology to combat such disasters. Call for Code is based on a simple idea: think of an app or technology as a team, work it out with technical help from IBM and reduce the misery that such a disaster always entails. Anyone who wants to participate can collaborate in so-called ‘technology teams’ and get started with an idea that could improve disaster preparedness. As a partner, IBM creates all the preconditions that the teams need. Think of training materials, free IBM Cloud accounts, access to Watson and technical support when using the tools and resources .

So you lack almost nothing as a developer to be able to carry out your potentially golden idea. In order to get you completely in the spirit as a team (or solo developer), meetups are held, including in the Netherlands. The launch event will be held in Amsterdam on 6 July. There the Red Cross will also be present to explain where the need is the highest, so it is certainly worth it if you are interested in forming a team. IBM hopes that a total of around 500,000 developers will start working on solutions before, after, or during a natural disaster.

How do I get a team together?

Teams can have a maximum of five people, so you have to think carefully about what you want to do. You always need programmers, but if you have an idea for an app you should also think about the visuals, interface and of course the circumstances in which all of that is going to be used. That also makes the challenge a good chance for non-coders to help and become part of a team.

Of course you can also register on your own and then look for people in the community to work with. Maybe someone is already working on an idea that looks like yours! If you are looking for a team, let us know. We are happy to set up Team DC and we will come up with something fun and organize together.

If you are not a freelancer, it might be worth talking to your boss, because IBM is investing a total of 30 million dollars in the training provided to the Call for Code developers. You would be able to work on that challenge with a number of colleagues for a part of your time, because you actually get free training in IBM tools and access to technology (and more than 35 IBM services) that you would otherwise not just get . In addition, your company is mentioned in the statements about Call for Code. It is not only free training, it is also good PR and you work with your team on a charity!

Why should I participate?

Ideally, you would like to take part in a challenge like this because you have a good idea that might be just too complicated to tackle yourself. Then this is a golden opportunity to show what you can do. However, there is also a prize for the best ideas: they not only stand the chance of winning the top prize of $ 200,000, but – if the idea is good enough – they can also receive Venture Capital funding for the development of the app or the idea. . Potentially lifesaving apps also have a good chance of being rolled out with the help of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps.

IBM also ensures that the code you put into the project can not be picked up by anyone including IBM itself. Everything that is created for the Call for Code project is put into their open-source repositories via the Linux Foundation. This not only protects the idea legally, it also opens up a whole new look to enthusiastic support from people who understand business and want to help. Everything to think of the one app that can cause fewer casualties in the event of a disaster.

Time to get into action

Call for Code has officially started, but it is not too late to join. The registration period for the challenge is until the end of August, so as a developer you have more than enough chance to put together a super team, to mature the idea and to get started with it. If you do that, the main thing now is to suck up information: ask for a workshop at your workplace, go to the events where you get to know the intricacies of the IBM code patterns and participate in webinars, meetups and other trainings which IBM organizes.

If you want to think about disaster management, you can simply write in . There are no snakes in the grass, it takes you at most time and no one can get away with your idea or your code. You do not have to win to learn a lot from Call for Code, you just have to participate.

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