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You should watch Infinity War!

Disndag afternoon for the press, and in the evening for guests there was in the Netherlands the premiere of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War. In the renewed IMAX hall of Pathé Arena. And without giving anything away (we also do not like spoilers) we can tell you that the film is a big spectacle. The full 155 minutes you are watching. The hype around Avengers: Infinity War is great, and for a reason: never before have so many heroes from the Marvel universe been pulled together to defend the earth, no the universe, against the ultimate bad guy: Thanos. [19659002] Marvel films

We could say that you can also appreciate the film if you did not see the previous Marvel films but that is not really the case. If you do not understand the mutual relations that all characters have at least on a basic level, you will certainly spend some of the two-and-a-half hours that the film takes with questions. Who are they, where are they, what are they doing there and why everyone is arguing about a few gems that the big man with his weird chin wants per se.


Spectacle, and wagonloads of it. If you thought that the trailers looked good and were very promising, and you might have been a bit worried that they were already the best moments: do not worry . Infinity War goes from the first moment in the highest gear and there are almost no times when gas is taken back. And yes, there is also a turbo stand.


Marvel took a long time to be able to execute this storyline, but now finally all the jigsaw pieces click into each other. There are a record number of planets and places affected in the fight against Thanos and the various ‘teams’ that arise during the story are sometimes hilarious, sometimes intense but often both at the same time. As we are used to in the Marvel films.

Yet Infinity War is of a very different order than all previous films. Not because there is more spectacle in it (is), because the cast is much larger and mixes humor with each other (is also true), or because there is more at stake (not surprising, but is true), but because this film matters in the Marvel universe. From the first to the last minute you come across surprises and despite the already high expectation that would be possible, the number of ‘holy shit’ moments in Infinity War were surpassed.

Infinity War is highly impressive both visually and in terms of acting. Thick credits for everyone involved in this film. You should have very little interest in the event if you have not been staring at the screen with open mouth several times before you have finished the credits and have seen the post-credits scene.


You know that a film has made an impression when nobody stands up afterwards and mates, but people have to keep processes and sit down. Long story short: this film, people are going to have opinions with a big M, that’s for sure. If you have made any investment in the universe (MCU) that has been built on the white screen in the last ten years, you should see this film for yourself, because it is good. Very well. Excellent. And for fans of MCU, perhaps the best film ever (until now). If you have a chance, look at him in IMAX, you just want to see this film with the best possible image and sound.

The only minus that we can report. Is it is going to be a long time until we can expect the next part.

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