You now miss this in the iPhone 12 packaging

If you look at the image of the iPhone 12 packaging below, you may notice: it is much thinner than you are used to. That’s because Apple has omitted certain accessories this time.

iPhone 12: without adapter and EarPods

The content of the package is a lot more limited than normal. In addition to the iPhone 12 itself, you will only find a charging cable in the package. This means that the power adapter (ie the block where you plug the cable) and the EarPods are omitted. That is in the context of sustainability: the accessories often remained unused in kitchen drains. The smaller packaging means Apple can carry more on one pallet.

Apple puts it this way: “As part of our efforts to meet our environmental goals, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini do not include an AC adapter and EarPods. Use the Apple power adapter and earbuds you already own or buy these accessories separately. “

Maybe you think now: no problem. Nobody is a fan of the EarPods anymore. I will continue to use the adapter from my previous iPhone, as Apple advises. But then you might come home from the rude awakening. Because the supplied cable is of the USB-C-to-Lightning type. And usb-c does not fit on the old charger.

Looking for an alternative

So you have to look for a USB-C adapter, for example at Apple itself or at Coolblue . Or you can keep using your old charger in combination with the old Lightning-to-USB cable. The disadvantage of this is that it charges less quickly. You can of course also choose to charge in a different way. Wireless, for example. Apple announced its first wireless charger of its own last week: MagSafe .

This does not only apply to the new iPhone 12. The other iPhones that Apple is now selling – the iPhone SE , the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR – are also supplied without accessories. Also with the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE you will no longer find a power adapter.