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You can use your iPad as a second Mac screen without Sidecar

With Apple Sidecar you use your iPad as a second screen for the Mac. Unfortunately, it only works with relatively new devices, so there is a good chance that your Mac or iPad cannot handle it. But then there is an Apple Sidecar alternative: Luna Display. It not only transforms an iPad into a second screen but also another Mac.

Apple Sidecar alternative

The sidecar function was introduced in macOS Catalina. This not only gives you extra screen space, but the touch screen control also adds something extra. The sad thing is that Sidecar only works with relatively new Macs and iPads. Even if your Mac runs on macOS Catalina, chances are it won’t work. Your Mac must be from 2016 or later to use it. You also need an iPad from 2018 or 2019.

Fortunately, there is another good (but not free) alternative, where there are many more supporting devices: Luna Display. The Mac and iPhone must be from 2011 or later, so there is a good chance that this will work. Luna Display consists of a tiny dongle with two free apps. Luna Display also turns your iPad into a second screen for the Mac, where you can also operate macOS with the touchscreen and the Apple Pencil. In addition, the pink-colored dongle has recently added something extra. There is a Mac-to-Mac mode, with which you can turn your (old) MacBook into a second screen.

1. Buy the dongle

You need this pink dongle to use Lunda Display. This piece of hardware costs $ 79.99 (about 73 euros) and you order it through the website of Luna Display.

2. First the Mac app

Open Safari on your Mac and go to the Download page from Luna Display. Click on “Download Luna for Mac”, open the file and drag it to “Applications”.

3. Configure

Open the Luna Display Mac app, choose “Enable” and follow the steps. Plug the pink piece of hardware into your Mac and start on step 4 – while the app installs the latest firmware.

4. Extra image!

Open the App Store on the iPad and download the Luna Display app. When you have done this, a message appears on the Mac asking you to connect the Mac to the iPad. Choose “Allow” and the image will appear as if by magic on the iPad.

5. Mac as a second screen

Do you want to use an old Mac as a second screen? Then download on this device via the Download page the “Secondary App for Mac-to-Mac”. The Mac must be one from 2007 or later, with macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer.

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