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You can not miss this during the Big Data Expo 2018

On Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September a new edition of the Big Data Expo is on the agenda. In the Jaarbeurs Utrecht supply and demand from the big data sector will meet again. It is the only event in the Benelux that focuses solely on all facets of data management. And with 5,000 visitors, 100 lectures and about 85 exhibitors, this makes the event when it comes to big data.

We have already expanded in a previous blog on the topics Data Science and Analytics. Two of the most important pillars. But Business Intelligence & Digital Innovation are not to be underestimated. So more about this in this blog.

Business Intelligence

Smarter operation based on data that is available. Business Intelligence makes the lives of many organizations much easier. This theme therefore simply belongs to the Big Data Expo . On the one hand because we are collecting more and more data on the one hand, and on the other because the technology rushes through at high speed.

Where tools in the past consisted mainly of presentation layers, the software that is available today is a lot ‘smarter’. The basis is broader, sometimes focused on specific sectors or target groups. Creating overviews is easier, even if it consists of data from various systems. During the Big Data Expo you get to see what is possible today. Presentations about Business Intelligence are also there during the fair.

Business Intelligence also benefits from a good IT infrastructure behind the scenes (or in the cloud). That is why this theme can not be separated from the aforementioned themes. One theme strengthens the other.

Digital Innovation

For retailers, there is an era in which there is a lot of change from one to another. E-commerce trends are flying you, they also have to develop in other areas. Digital innovation seems to be the key to success in a changing retail landscape full of consumers that are becoming less and less predictable. That is why the Digital Innovation theme is perhaps more topical than ever.

Retailers are trying increasingly to personalize their shopping experiences. Data analysis looks like one of the better tools. Expect a consumer a certain service or the presence of personal assistance with his or her choice. Both in the bricks and the clicks? Then you will have to act on that as a retailer. And so Digital Innovation is perhaps the way in which retailers can and remain successful. Investing in IT, managing data and working towards a high NPS is part of this.

All things that appeal to you? Then you can indulge yourself at Big Data Expo. There are several companies and suppliers that can assist in the rollout of a strategy or system or the interlocking of IT tools that lead to better interaction with customers in stores or via web shops.

Visit the Big Data Expo

Curious? And do you want to know more about Business Intelligence and Digital Innovation? Block then 19 and 20 September but in your agenda, because then you want to be present at the Big Data Expo. Registration is free:

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