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You can also go gourmet in the summer

In the middle of summer, so you are more concerned with barbecuing than with gourmet. But you can also fine on for example a rainy Sunday (if it ever really rains again) than in the summer delicious gourmet. Cozy with the family, your family or friends a long afternoon or evening full of fun and especially with lots of good food.

And if you are a real fan of barbecuing, then traditional gourmet is also something for you, that is what happens on fire with small spirit burners under the pans. Nowadays only electric gourmet sets are mainly sold and used, which usually consist of 4 to 6 pans and which are electrically heated from below.

Tradition in the Netherlands

It has been a Christmas tradition for some time in the Netherlands. But it can also be fine on a rainy day in the summer. Or if you’re not a fan of barbecuing, just in the middle of summer and in the garden, you do not have that smell in the house that usually stays there for a while. You already have a gourmet set in your home or it is arranged like this, and with these tips you make a delicious gourmet day out.

Tips for gourmet dining

The most important thing is of course in the gourmet recipes that you use. Meat and fish are of course the basis. Because the preparation is often minimal you will have to choose quality. We all know those ready-to-eat gourmet dishes, but it’s much nicer to put together something yourself and adjust it to the taste of you and your fellow eaters.

If you have some time to prepare everything, season the meat (especially chicken and steak) by marinating it. Also the other meats such as pork tenderloin, cordon bleu and slavincs are always good. But if you change it sometimes you can still provide some nice flavor variations. With hamburgers, for example, use a few extra spices, sambal or brie, pineapple and bacon. And also think about what other meat. Deer steak, duck breast fillet, tenderloin and lamb.

Not enough variation, you can of course unpack with a number of different gourmet sauces. In addition to using it naturally on the plate, you can also rub the meat with it. Garlic sauce and honey-mustard sauce are two good examples. The taste of the sauce then attracts deliciously in the flesh .

Of course there are many more tips available online to make the day of gourmet even more fun (and tastier). Take a look at brendakookt gourmet dining or check out the best gourmet meat .


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