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Yet another powerhouse for far too little money

After trying a number of OnePlus devices, it is clear to me how it works at the company. The originally Chinese company has no expensive marketing campaigns and uses that money (simply put) to give you a very good phone for almost too little money. That was already so with the 5 then with the 5T and now again with number 6. My first impression of the OnePlus 6 at the launch was already very positive and after two weeks with the device that opinion has not been adjusted downwards.

I admit it right away: I’m a fan. The way OnePlus does things really appeals to me and even though I am a self-appointed Apples let I appreciate the things that are in the OnePlus 6 and how it is sold. In the box next to the phone and the dash charger (which brings your phone to half full within ten minutes) there is also a cover. It is transparent, you will not do for years, but you immediately have one if you have bought your phone. The OnePlus phones, for example, are also standard dual sim, which many people with their own business will also appreciate.

Sympathetic priced and arrow fast

What they will also appreciate is the price. It is one of the things you always see everyone at OnePlus, but that’s right: the OnePlus 6 is not far from a top model like a Galaxy S9 or Pixel 2, but costs hundreds of euros less. But it is not just in the basic price: the standard version of the 6 costs 515 euros. For that you get 64 GB of storage and 6 GB of memory. That is already neat, but if you want 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of memory, you pay a sympathetic 50 euros for that. Do you want more? Then you can throw 50 euros on top of it and then you have 256 GB of storage.
Anyway, why is this smartphone not a budget model in the negative sense of the word? Because you have to be very critical to not be very satisfied with what he does. Thanks to all that memory and the fastest chip on the market, it is a lightning-fast device. Not only is the version of Android on it not full of all kinds of other software that you do not use, OxygenOS (as it is officially called) only makes adjustments that make the phone work even faster or psychologically fool you so that it feels faster. Anyway, you do not have to wait for anything, whether you play a game of PUBG or are on the internet. The 6 is also on the list to be the first Android P to get, by the way.
OnePlus has also added iPhone X-like moves to the possibilities to go to the home screen and switch between apps and that works very well, although it does take some getting used to and in the beginning, you will often have the apple pull open while you did not want to. About just not spoken: the face recognition of OnePlus is just like the 5T is not safe, so you can turn it on but then you have to be sure that no one can take a picture of your face to open your phone. Too bad, because it is pretty handy.


Practical design

The phone looks nice, but it is exactly what you would expect: a rectangular placard with rounded edges. At the back of the camera are the fingerprint sensor (still beautiful in the middle) and on the sides next to the volume and on / off button there is a switch to physically switch the phone between completely silent, vibrate and vibrate with a ringtone. If you are the type that your phone does not always have a hold on, it is handy. The 6 is in contrast to the previous model made entirely of Gorilla glass, but the back has been modified in a special way so that it feels differently. It is beautiful, though the mirror black version is a terrible fingerprint magnet. Personally, I’m very tired of the white, but it is not yet available. At the moment, however, I would rather recommend the matt midnight black, because you do not realize that there is glass at the back. Until you drop it of course.
Why then the glass back? It ensures better WiFi reception, but one of the more recent benefits is that you can also make wireless charging possible. Strangely enough, the Oneplus 6 does not, and that is really a shame. You have to do it with the aforementioned dash charger. That is fortunately too crazy, because although with the 3300 mAh battery in the device a long way, you have it in one hour fully charged. You must use the charger and the original or equally thick USB-C cable. Talk about cables: the 6 also has a headphone jack, so if you have a wired headset you do not have to make strange jumps. OnePlus has also announced its own wireless headset, the Bullets Wireless . These are also priced at 80 euros, but they can only be ordered from June.


Large but handy

If OnePlus has a breeze then it is that the company always makes only one size of the smartphone. The 6 has a screen of 6.28 inch with a 19: 9 ratio and although there is hardly any edge around that screen (there is only an iPhone X-style notch on the top for the camera and speaker) it remains a large device, comparable to an iPhone Plus model. If you have small hands or like to use your phone with one hand, that can be a problem. If you can live well with a large phone, then it’s okay: the 6 is surprisingly light for its size and significantly lighter than an iPhone X, while that device is a lot smaller.
The OLED screen is clear, visible in direct sunlight and has very fine dark tones because of the type. There is nothing to criticize about that and if you are not a fan of the notch you can also structurally expand it. Audiotechnically there is a minus because the OnePlus 6 still only has a mono speaker. Honest is fair, I will not grind because I almost always have headphones on, but if you want to harass the rest of mankind with what you’re doing on your phone or do not like to have a headset on it is something to keep in mind.

Lights, camera, action

Today, the camera is perhaps one of the most important things on a phone. If you ‘just’ use the camera like most people and occasionally take a snapshot, the double camera on the back is fine and the selfie camera is more than just fine. The camera is largely the same as in the 5T, but with a slightly better sensor and image stabilization. That means slightly better images in low light, but otherwise, it is largely the same. Fair is fair, it still can not fully measure with a Galaxy S9, but it comes close.
A point that still deserves attention is the portrait mode, because the separation between focused objects in the foreground and blurry things in the background is quite often wrong. It really only works if you photograph a relatively flat thing like a person with something else (much) further away. The video functions are better than that: the slow-motion mode goes up to 480 frames per second, so that looks really slo-mo, in contrast to the limited functionality of the 5T. It is only in 480P at that speed, but on the other hand, you can also record in 4K with 60 frames per second and that is also very tight.



All in all, the OnePlus 6 has about 95 percent of the capabilities of all other top smartphones, but then for 60 percent of the price. That is the goal of the manufacturer and with this version, they have come to a step closer to the point that you actually have to walk all the way to spend hundreds of euros more on a smartphone that does exactly the same thing as this powerhouse. There are still some things to the wish list: the limited water resistance of the 6 does not allow much more than a heavy rain shower or briefly falling into a puddle, wireless charging would have been nice and a software update for the portrait mode would not be wrong to be.
If you say and write the concessions that you have to do to save a few hundred euros, then it does not seem like a complicated choice. This is a top-notch phone and if someone says they are not only angry that they have paid too much for their own device.


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