Yahoo Mail App: Manage Multiple Mail Accounts & No More Password Need

On the eighteenth anniversary of its Yahoo Mail service, Yahoo introduced the ability to manage multiple email accounts through both the app and browser interface. It is also possible to log in to the app via Yahoo Account Key without a password.

The company announced this on its Tumblr blog on Thursday. Via the app it is now possible to manage e-mail accounts from the following providers:, Hotmail and AOL Mail. The app can also connect to other types of services such as Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr and Facebook to display photos from these services. In addition to the various accounts, the company is also introducing a new form of logging in via the Yahoo Account Key, which makes logging in to the app ‘password-free’.

The principle of Yahoo Account Key is based on sending push messages to access a Yahoo account on a smartphone or other device using Android or iOS. Yahoo started earlier this year with the possibility to log in via SMS. Without an Account Key it is not possible to log in, which means that someone in another place with a different computer cannot log in.

Yahoo Mail app users will soon receive the update on iOS or Android devices.