Xiaomi shipped 49.4 million smartphones in Q1 and overtakes Apple in Europe

Xiaomi shipped 49.4 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2021. In Europe, the Chinese company has overtaken Apple and climbed to second place in the smartphone market.

Xiaomi sold much more smartphones in the first quarter than a year ago in the same period. This is an increase of 69.1 percent, the company reports in its quarterly figures. Most of the 49.4 million smartphones delivered are models under 300 euros. It involved a total of 4 million copies with a sales price above that.

Globally, Xiaomi is in third place in terms of smartphone market share with 14 percent, according to Canalys analysts, but Xiaomi has risen to second place in Europe in the past quarter, according to the same analyst firm. Xiaomi has 23 percent market share, compared to 19 percent for Apple and 35 percent for Samsung. Xiaomi is now number one in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Xiaomi sells a lot more products, but largely derives its sales from smartphones. Quarterly sales were 76.9 billion Chinese yuan, of which 51.5 billion yuan comes from the deliveries of smartphones. IoT and lifestyle products accounted for 18.2 billion yuan in sales. Xiaomi’s TVs belong to this segment.