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Xiaomi: backlight bleeding affects less than one percent of Pocophone users

Poco, a brand of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, claims that less than one percent of all Pocophone F1 users have to deal with backlight bleeding on the devices. Other users would have to deal with a software problem that the company wants to remedy.

Xiaomi makes the statements via the Twitter-channel of Poco India . There the manufacturer has published a statement in response to reports about the backlight problems. The company writes that 0.3 percent of the total number of Pocophone users has to do with ‘edge light dispersion’, which most probably refers to backlight bleeding. In addition, light is “leaked” along the edges of the LCD of the phone, making it lighter than the rest of the screen. This can be seen, for example, in one of the responses to the Poco message

In the message, the company also refers directly to screen bleeding, but states that this has to do with software. For example, in Version 9 of his Miui skin for Android, there would be a color gradient that would trigger this phenomenon. This only happens on certain windows, claims the manufacturer. Those windows have been removed in version 10 of Miui. This version must be available for all devices of the manufacturer in December.

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