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Xbox Series X has the ability to pause multiple games at the same time

The Xbox Series X, the new generation Xbox that will be released in a year, will have the ability to pause multiple games simultaneously. The current Xbox and PS4 can do that with a maximum of one game at a time.

With the function, the entire game session is saved on the disc, after which it can be loaded again into the main memory, after which the player can continue at the exact same point in the game. This can be compared to the sleep state of a PC. “Why can’t you do that with multiple games?” says Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management at Xbox in an interview with GameSpot . He does not specify a maximum, but theoretically the only limitation is the amount of storage space. It is still unclear whether the PS5 will soon be able to do this.

Microsoft has unveiled its new console during The Game Awards, the event that took place last week. The console is backwards compatible with four console generations, gets a new controller with a share button and has a tower design instead of the usual set-top box design.

Microsoft further reports that the Series X will contain a custom Zen 2-soc and it is assumed that the console will receive a custom Navi-gpu. The company at least mentions the support for hardware accelerated ray tracing. The console will support frame rates of 60fps in combination with a 4k resolution. This frame rate can optionally be increased to 120fps. The Series X also has the capacity for 8k resolutions. The manufacturer confirms the presence of an SSD that “virtually eliminates loading times.” The console also supports variable rate shading , auto low latency mode and dynamic latency input .

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