Xbox production suffers from shortages of Ethernet ports and ‘many more parts’

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer says Xbox Series production is limited not only by chip shortages, but also by shortages of “all kinds of other parts.” Specifically, he mentions Ethernet ports. The shortages will continue for a while, according to Spencer.

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft said it expected that the deficits could be eliminated in June . However, that is not the case; the demand still exceeds the supply of consoles. In an IGN podcast, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer emphasizes that this is not only due to chip shortages.

In addition, some of the Xbox hardware produced is deployed in the servers that Microsoft uses for its cloud gaming offerings via Game Pass Ultimate. Initially it ran on Xbox One S hardware, but those servers have now been upgraded to Xbox Series X hardware for better graphics and faster loading times.

According to Spencer, it is “always looking for a balance” and Microsoft is doing everything it can to make and deliver as many consoles as possible. The Xbox CEO emphasizes that the demand for consoles has never been greater. However, Microsoft does not disclose concrete figures about sold numbers.

Sony previously said that the PlayStation 5 is expected to be hard to come by until 2022 . Microsoft makes no concrete statements about this, although Spencer says in the podcast that the shortages will continue for a while. TSMC, the producer of the chips in the new consoles, also expects the shortages to last until 2022 .</