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World of Warcraft CEO J. Allen Brack is the new CEO of Blizzard

Fifty-year-old Mike Morhaime lays down his job as Blizzard Entertainment’s CEO. He says it’s time for someone else to lead the studio. J. Allen Brack becomes his successor, he was already vice president and responsible for World of Warcraft.

Morhaine remains involved with the company as an advisor, he says in the announcement of his retirement. He was in 1991 a co-founder of the studio Silicon & Synapse, now called Blizzard Entertainment. The work of Morhaine is taken over by J. Allen Brack, who has been working for Blizzard for almost thirteen years.

The appointment of the new ceo means that there are also other changes in Blizzard’s top. Ray Gresko, who is co-responsible for making Overwatch and Diablo III, has been appointed chief development officer. Allen Adham, the founder of Blizzard and lead designer of World of Warcraft, becomes part of the management team, while he continues to oversee the development of several new games. According to the article, Blizzard is working on ‘more games than ever’ in the history of the studio.

The new director says the company will not change and continue to hold on to the gameplay first motto. BlizzCon will take place in a month; according to the announcement, Blizzard will present a number of surprises during the event.e Morhaime

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