WordPress 5.5 can automatically update plugins

WordPress makes it possible to automatically update plugins in the latest version 5.5. Themes can also be updated automatically. It is also possible to perform updates by uploading a zip file.

The changes are in version 5.5 of the content management system, which WordPress calls Eckstine. In that version it will be possible to enable automatic updates for both plugins and themes. It is an opt-in function. Users can autoupdate all plugins at once, or enable it by plugin or theme. It is also possible to perform an update manually by uploading a zip file with a recent version of the plug-in.

WordPress 5.5 is also the first version of the cms to have a built-in sitemap. In addition, WordPress adds ‘lazy loading’. Images are only loaded when users scroll to them. That should make the loading time of websites faster.

WordPress is the most used cms in the world and is installed on millions of websites. Security incidents often arise because vulnerabilities in plugins are exploited. Many site administrators do not update them, making websites vulnerable. It was already possible to automatically update the cms itself, but not the plug-ins themselves.