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With this box you keep children out of the reach of smartphone and tablet

As parents you do not want the children to sit behind their screens all day long. It is possible to make appointments, but the devices on a cupboard probably do not have to. Children always find their way to the smartphone . Soon, timers on social media channels may also contribute to less time online. The company TechDen has come up with something different: The ‘Den’, a kind of safe for smartphones and tablets.

The Den

The device looks a bit like a computer case. At the front are two doors that can close. Parents can use an app to set how long the children are allowed to use a device. When the time is up, children can put the devices back into the Den themselves. The handy thing is that the devices are also immediately charged in the cabinet.

If a device is connected to the Den, the parents will receive a notification via the app. If a device is not in time in the box, the parents also get a message, saying that no device has been found.

There is also an app for the children themselves. Here they can see how long they can stay on a device and they can also request more time. Parents can approve or reject this via the app. Unfortunately for the children, they can only request an extension once per session. Chances are they will be sent out with a football and a jump rope.

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