Windows Media 10 DRM cracked

With the advent of digital music and film, it became possible for the first time to copy completely losslessly. Analog copying leads to loss of quality, digital copying can go on for thousands of generations without any loss. Of course, the providers of films and music did not like that and they threw their own digital weapon into battle against this: Digital Rights Management, in other words restrictions on playback, distribution and copying. The consumers again did not like that and they tried to avoid it. And as it turned out recently: everything can be cracked.

The victim this time was the Windows Media 10 format, which had hitherto been deemed unhackable. The WM9 format was already cracked at the beginning of this year. A Japanese hacker had created a program that stripped protected files of their security. Microsoft responded with the WM10 format, which they considered unhackable. Music and movie providers in WM9 immediately switched to WM10.

However, that didn’t help for long. The hackers also released an update and recently a new version of the cracking program appeared, which also has no problems with WM10. The program is simple and fast. An audio file is stripped of its protection in a second; a two-hour film in a few minutes. The files of MSN Music also proved to be cracked effortlessly.

It will be very difficult to do anything about this. It can be guessed that WM11 will be cracked just as hard. A small consolation for Microsoft is that the distribution or use of cracking programs has recently been banned. However, many people don’t seem to care about this ban. One possible solution for media companies is to use special hardware such as the Fritz chipwhich is considered more effective.