Windows 11 will show ‘black screen of death’ in crashes

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Microsoft reportedly changes the color of its well-known blue screen of death notifications for Windows crashes from blue to black with Windows 11. For now, only the color of the screen seems to change, the other properties such as the emoji remain identical.

The fact that Microsoft is switching to a black blue screen of death is not yet visible in the current Insider Build version of Windows 11, but is reported by The Verge. That site has good resources regarding as-yet unannounced Microsoft information. The rest of the text and information that Microsoft displays on the crash window would remain unchanged, including sad-smiley and the qr code.

Although it seems to be just about the color, one change is worth noting: Windows has been using blue as the background color since version 1.0, when it was still to give ‘Incorrect DOS version’ messages. With Windows 3.1, Microsoft introduced the BSOD as a system crash window. With this, the company shows a data dump that can help system administrators to find causes of crashes. In 2012, with the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft added the sad smiley and since 2016 there is the QR code.

In the Insider Build of Windows 11 that Microsoft made available this week, the screen has a green background color. This was also the case with test versions of Windows 10, since 2016. The exact reason for the alleged color change is unknown, but the background color when exiting Windows 11 is also black.

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