Windows 10 20H2 focuses on improving performance and includes Edge on Chromium

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 20H2, the update that will be released in the second half of 2020. The company confirms that, like the November 2019 Update, it will only bring performance and quality improvements. The update also includes the new Edge browser.

Windows 10 20H2 will be released in the second half of this year and the amount of features that the software adds are limited to performance and quality improvements. Microsoft has announced this, confirming previous reports that the update would be similar to Windows 19H2, which appeared for consumers as the November 2019 Update.

If you update to 20H2 later this year, you will automatically receive the Edge on Chromium browser. Microsoft has already started the phased distribution of Edge on Chromium to Windows 10 users, but it administrators can still block this automatic update, and Enterprise, Education and Workstation Pro Edition users have not yet received the new browser.

If you update Windows 10 May 2020 Update to 20H2, you can count on a quick update comparable to the monthly patch round, Microsoft promises. The company also reports that it is changing the naming slightly. Microsoft is moving away from a numerical designation for the different versions and from now on uses a designation that indicates half of the calendar year of publication, in the coming case 20H2. Microsoft has used this designation for code names since 19H1 but not for version numbers yet. For communication to consumers, Microsoft will continue to use the month and year of publication, á la May 2020 Update.

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Version Code name Marketing name
Threshold 1
Threshold 2 November Update
redstone 1 Anniversary Update
Redstone 2 Creators Update
redstone 3 Fall Creators Update
Redstone 4 April 2018 Update
redstone 5 October 2018 Update
19H1 May 2019 Update
19H2 November 2019 Update
20H1 May 2020 Update
20H2 Still unknown