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Window coverings can also be part of your Smart Home

More and more Dutch people have one or more smart devices at home. And that is always with the same reason, it makes your life a bit more pleasant. But what many people do not know yet is that you can also add your window coverings to your Smart Home. Something that becomes possible with the smart electrical control system PowerView Motorization from Luxaflex. With this you can automatically control your window coverings from your smartphone or tablet at home. And you can do that from home, but also when you are on the road or on vacation. Below are four reasons why you want to purchase PowerView Motorization from Luxaflex.

1. Comfort

It is always possible to create the perfect atmosphere. In the evening and night you probably want the window coverings to be completely closed, while in the morning you want to let your eyes get used to the daylight with the window cover halfopen. You can determine it all down to the centimeter, and after that you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Besides being a very user-friendly control method, it is also very energy efficient. The window covering automatically calculates when the sun rises and sets and adjusts the position. This way you save on energy costs.

2. Smart

PowerView Motorisation is easy to operate from your smartphone, tablet or Pebble remote control. Whether it’s a single window or all windows in the house, the Luxaflex window cover can be controlled from the handy PowerView app for smartphone and tablet.

You simply connect the system based on your Wi-Fi connection at home. From the end of May the renewed PowerView Motorisation control system works alongside Nest and IFTTT together with Homey. Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa follow.

3. Security

Because you can remotely control your window coverings, or set in advance, it is therefore possible during your holiday to let the outside world think that there is someone at home. This is a way to prevent burglary, for example. And that works perfectly well if you adjust it to the already present smart lighting. In addition, the window decoration with PowerView Motorization is also very child-friendly. This is because it does not have a cord, making it safe for children and / or pets.

4. Design

But besides that it is a smart and safe solution, it must also fit in with your stylish interior. PowerView Motorization is therefore available in combination with a wide choice on window coverings. Whether you opt for sleek, clear white, vibrant pink, pleasant contemporary shades of gray or subtle, natural earth tones – they are all a perfect addition to a classic or modern interior.

Enthusiastic and do you want to know more? Check the video below or take a look at the website of Luxaflex.

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