Will Drone League become the new Champions League?

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With new techniques, apparently new sports appear. There is a real competition for racing with drones : Drone Racing League. This competition seems in all respects to a normal football or hockey competition. There is an annual season, there are clear rules and a point system is not lacking either. But there are no balls in the game, only drones.

Drone Racing League

In the competition, people drive drones in a space with all sorts of obstacles. The drone race has already been running for a number of seasons. The sport is becoming increasingly popular and in more and more countries it can be seen on a few TV stations.

It is not yet a grease pot for the drivers of the drones. This has to do with, among other things, the lack of deals with TV and sponsors. The drone sport first has to grow and get more attention. If there is, it becomes more interesting for investors. One stumbling block is that drone racing might be more fun to do yourself than to watch. As a result, people quickly switch away when it is broadcast on TV. Drones are more difficult to follow than formula 1 cars. There is also no driver in ‘the vehicle’, which often brings extra excitement and sensation to a racing sport.

Racing with drones on the rise

In short, drone racing is upcoming, but the general public has yet to embrace it cautiously. The question is how this is going to happen. The drone directors and organizers have different ideas about this. It needs to be tackled bigger, with a job where drones are easier to follow. It also helps if you grow up with it, so that you can eventually become a fan of the sport and have a favorite driver, just like with other sports, according to a number of drone drivers.

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