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Wikipedia receives $ 2.5 million to boost security

The Wikimedia Foundation has received $ 2.5 million for improving the security of Wikipedia. The money comes from Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist. The donation comes after last week’s DDOS attack on Wikipedia.

With the money from Wikipedia security on several fronts will be improved. For example, the site’s risk management needs to be increased and Wikimedia hopes to reduce the response time to incidents.

Wikipedia is often the target of cyber attacks is no surprise. The website ranks ten of the world’s most popular websites, with around eighteen billion views each month. According to John Bennett, director of security at Wikipedia, this makes the site often the target of attempts at hacks, vandalism and other threats. For example, Wikipedia was the target of a large-scale DDOS attack last week, which made the site offline for some time. That attack is still going on, even now that the website is online again.

Newmark itself says that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find accurate and reliable information on the internet. “That is why I will continue to support the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects, including Wikipedia, the place where facts live.” Newmark previously donated money to Wikipedia. In 2016, he donated five hundred thousand dollars to the Wikimedia Foundation for reducing vandalism on Wikipedia.

Newmark is also committed to journalistic independence and free access to information. In the past, for example, he has donated millions of dollars to journalistic initiatives, including 20 million to a journalistic vocational school in New York.

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