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Why you want to visit the Big Data Expo this year?

On Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September a new edition of the Big Data Expo is on the agenda. In the Jaarbeurs Utrecht supply and demand from the big data sector will meet again. It is the only event in the Benelux that focuses solely on all facets of data management. And with 5,000 visitors, 100 lectures and about 85 exhibitors, this makes the event when it comes to big data.

Because big data is indispensable, it is nowadays the basis for virtually every (big) decision within a modern company. Organizations often already have a huge amount of data. But the big challenge is to add value to a process or customer journey with all these available data. And just as important here is the effective analysis of all collected data. That is why we explain two of the most important pillars in this blog: Data Science and Analytics.

Data Science

Data Science runs through the Big Data Expo like a red thread. Specifically within the theme there are a number of presentations where speakers discuss all possibilities. Such as the extent to which the use of data science can increase the value of a service or a service. In addition, speakers indicate to what extent the technique can be used to reduce business risks. Those who want to be successful today will have to analyze and test data, test and test again.

Life was once very clear. A store saw a customer come back once or twice a year for a repeat purchase. In the meantime everything is different. Predicting customer needs has never been so important before. Data science can be used to forecast what consumers want and to what extent they can respond smartly to omnichannel customer interactions. It provides insight into the use of digital channels, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but also in how consumers deal with these channels and what growth they show.


Nice of course all that collected data. But what do you do with it? That is also the biggest challenge. Data is indispensable, but ultimately it is all about what you do with all collected data. You will have to find a way to analyze it effectively.

Analytics provides insight, can provide value creation within an organization and is definitely much more accessible than about five to ten years ago. Where analytics was more reminiscent of a party for intimates, BI tools now expose a world of insight for staff within all layers of an organization. Analytics has changed from a finance party to a business aspect that everyone understands.

The ever increasing quantities and more complex data thus offer many business opportunities. It is the organizations that manage to allow users at different levels to analyze these data that seize their opportunities. Comprehensible analysis tools ensure understanding between one employee and the other, regardless of the level. But probably even more important: the right analysis leads to smart campaigns and enthusiastic employees, which are aimed at making efforts to retain customers.

Visit the Big Data Expo

Curious? And do you want to know more about Data Science and Analytics? Block then already 19 and 20 September in your diary, because then you want to be present at the Big Data Expo.

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