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Why the Toyota Adventure models really are indestructible

With the holiday at your doorstep, you can make the choice again of what you will do. The one hooks the caravan behind the car and drives towards a campsite in France. Another, and there are more and more, longs for some tension. Just escape the digitized world and not find yourself with an iPad at the edge of the pool.

The more adventurous lifestyle is once again on the rise. As a contrast to the clean and structured computer and data-driven contemporary world, people are increasingly looking for adventure. From extreme sports, escape weekends to traveling through Iceland. Road trips through inhospitable areas are also extremely popular. Safe, indestructible transport is indispensable in this. Very often there will be chosen one of the Toyota Adventure models, which bring people not only back, but also back. And this is not a bragging point, it really is, and has already been proven many times.

In the most inhospitable places, from the pampas in South America to the Australian Outback, Toyota’s are used to bring people safely from A to B and back again. It is not without reason that it is considered the most indestructible car brand in the world. But time and time again, Toyota succeeds with flying colors when it is subjected to extreme tests. Below we have listed a number for you.

1. Top Gear – Killing a Toyota

We have to go back many years for this episode. At a time when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are still running as trousers. But then it was genius television. At the BBC Top Gear has grown into a strong brand and that is because of this type of testing.

According to Toyota, the Hilux pick-up from that time was as good as indestructible. All the reason for the gentlemen to subject Hilux to the ultimate test. From the flooded by the flood to arson: it did not help, the Toyota continued to do it.

2. Dakar Rally

The Hilux version tested by Top Gear is not comparable to the Toyota Hilux that last year participated in the world’s toughest race, the Dakar Rally.

And with success. Toyota GAZOO Racing driver Bernhard ten Brinke has won the 11th stage of Dakar 2018 with his Toyota Hilux. A historic victory because before a Dutchman won a Dakar stage in the category Car.

That shows once more that this icon is stronger than ever! This means that the Hilux, which also exists for 50 years this year, is also unprecedentedly popular worldwide.

3. The most dangerous roads

TV programs like ‘The most dangerous roads’ also put their candidates in one of the robust cars. And it is not the easiest roads that the eight celebrities couples go to.

Dangerous mud roads along deep abysses and ravines, extreme mountain passes and terrifying juggling routes. And they just drive it for fun. Knetter crazy. The barely accessible roads require a considerable concentration and unprecedented riches . But of course they all do so in the safest / most indestructible cars available. Just the Adventure models from Toyota.

Nothing stops you

With a penetrating call to keep you from living in life, Toyota now launches the Adventure Let’s go! campaign. The new Hilux and the renewed Land Cruiser are safer than ever and with the RAV4 and the C-HR the boundaries of daily life are shifted in a playful way. This campaign is an ode to adventurers who look for excitement and opt for optimal comfort and safety.

Participate in the adventure challenge

People who want to get acquainted with the Adventure models are invited to join the Toyota Adventure Challenge . With this fun, playful test drive you will only get to know the special car, but you also have a chance of a super-exciting road trip of € 10,000.

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