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Why a video on demand platform is interesting for your organization

OTT TV is a term that you often see when it comes to online video. About The Top: it means nothing more than going ‘over’ the traditional channels and distributing your video to your customers or consumers. There are many solutions for which most people often think of YouTube which makes it easy to share video.

Now it is possible that as a company you have a few videos that you want to share and there is no other goal at all than they are on the internet and then Vimeo or YouTube is a great solution. Admittedly on a platform from the US where you have no control and without an opportunity to monetize it, but it is there.

Pay-per-view & subscriptions

The Netherlands is a knowledge country. There are therefore many companies that have or can create video content that has value. Especially when you are in an interesting niche online video can bring you new business models as a company.

For example, Basic-Fit provides their pro-members with additional payment now also instructional and workout videos. For this, they have set up their own video-on-demand channel.

You want to have qualitative content on your own platform so that you have control and – not unimportantly – can set up that new business model . The moment you have valuable video content, you need a different type of solution. You want to be able to properly screen content and guarantee your rights about this content. Then a social video platform like youtube is no longer enough.

There are different types of revenue models for VOD platforms that may be of interest to your own organization. So you have the SVOD variant, where videos on the basis of a subscription are offered to the user. Another common payment option is TVOD, which owners of video content can use to sell videos per piece. Other terms for TVOD are also pay-per-view or transactional video on demand.

Possibilities enough, but then you need a partner who has arranged everything well at the back.

Choosing a white-label video on-demand platform

You can develop a video streaming site yourself, but that is the wheel for the hundredth time to invent. There are parties that can set up a ready-to-use video on-demand streaming platform for you.

There are a number of technical matters that you have to take into account when you go shopping for a rag platform. Meanwhile, the question is “where are the servers with my video?” with the dot on one. So look for a provider that has the servers at least in Europe, but preferably in the Netherlands, of course.

Is it user-friendly and do you get a video management solution where you can easily upload your videos? Is the CMS that is also workable for the people who have to manage the video? Every provider promises to be the end-to-end solution for online video, of course, but try to dig deeper and see what exactly offered. Is it easy to make your content available to your customers or consumers for protection and against payment? Are the urls that are used SEO friendly and is the platform easy to find on the internet? Are there sufficient possibilities to personalize the solution to your own wishes? You obviously do not want your concullega to come on the market with the exact same platform a week later.

All things to think about when you launch your video-on-demand platform.

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