WhatsApp releases function to save disappearing message

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Messaging service WhatsApp has announced the Keep in Chat function to still be able to save disappearing messages. The sender of the message will then be asked whether the recipient may save the message, so that the sender can still delete the message.

In WhatsApp conversations, users can choose to have messages disappear from all devices it was sent to after 24 hours to 90 days. “But sometimes you want to save a voice message or important piece of information”, writes WhatsAppso the company releases the Keep in Chat feature.

The update allows users to save a disappearing message by long-pressing it. If the message is saved, it will also not be automatically deleted after the 24 hours to 90 days specified by the sender.

However, the sender of the message will receive a notification asking whether the message may indeed be kept indefinitely. The sender may veto the saving, after which the message will still be deleted when the preset time has passed. WhatsApp says that the saved messages can be viewed in a separate folder, along with other saved messages. The Keep in Chat feature should come to all WhatsApp users in the coming weeks and was previously available in a beta version.

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