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What you need to know before you watch Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

One day he was faced with the American dream: Aaron Hernandez was an NFL Superbowl superstar with a daughter, a beautiful woman and millions on the couch. But he turned out to have a dark side. This man was, as Jambers would say, a top athlete during the day and a gangster in the evening. The Netflix series Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez explains how this American football player worked, including the necessary plottwists. You need to know this before you look.

Aaron Hernandez

One of the most important tips we can give you, is not to read at least what has happened. We will not spoil anything in this article either. The documentary is probably a considerably larger eye-opener for us “outsiders” in the Netherlands than for Americans who have already received the necessary news stories about this man.

What makes the 3-part Netflix document so special is that many facets of Aaron come to the fore. However, it doesn’t really seem to be about this man at all, but about a much bigger problem that mainly plays in America. That it is packed in a documentary about murders is a daring choice. Incidentally, it is not a documentary that has applied the journalistic rules of hearing and rebuttal, so you hear stories directly from some sources, but never directly from the man himself.

Netflix docu without control

The docu maker also does not seem to take a position, because several stories are told that is not further explained at the end. Perhaps because those answers are not there, but perhaps because the stories vary so much that no conclusion can be drawn.

The documentary also lacks some context that may be important. For example, Aaron was not entirely Puerto Rican: he was half Italian because of his mother’s jug. Aaron’s father turns out not to be a sweetheart. As a student, he was interrogated by the police because he was suspected of having killed a police officer.

When Aaron was born, he was arrested after trying to buy cocaine from a cop. Fathers had an alcohol problem that abused his children. Aaron would also have been a solid drinker, even when he became a professional football player. In addition, the family had a lot of debts and were even bankrupt, something that is not reflected in the documentary.

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