What Apple did not tell us about iOS 12 yet

iOS 12 is coming and that of course means a number of changes. Apple already announced a number of adjustments during the WWDC 2018 . However, the nuance came that there are not really completely new and surprising features. Grouping notifications, memojis and expanding Siri are just a few examples. Add to this the fact that the apps start faster and the keyboard no longer falters, and a worthy iOS 12 was born.

But there was not enough time during the WWDC 2018 keynote to discuss all the features in detail. Fortunately, Apple is so kind to make the other adjustments in iOS 12 also known. What are the best of this?

Strong passwords

In iOS 12, users of apps are prompted to use a strong and unique password. You can store these in iCloud Keychain, which gives you easy access to all your Apple devices. This is already working in Safari but Apple is rolling it out now for all the apps you use on your iPhone.

But Apple does a lot in terms of password use. For example, iOS 12 will also recognize messages that contain a two-step verification code if you try to log in somewhere. It will then be filled in automatically so that you do not have to switch between apps. iOS 12 will also be able to display passwords from password manager apps like 1Password by a new Password Manager API.

Additionally, iOS 12 will also notify you if you use the same password for different apps. Safety first, right?

Critical alerts

If the ‘do not disturb’ option is activated, a ‘critical alert’ can get through. These are important messages or notifications that you still receive, such as the notifications of a care provider.

Smooth animations

Movements become smoother in iOS 12. One example is scrolling in apps, which will get smoother. This also applies to swiping when you are multitasking.

Movements iPhone X to iPad

A number of touch gestures that can be done on the iPhone X, will also be able to be used on the iPad. Exit app? Just sweep from bottom to top. Do you want to go to the Control Center? Then you can now also move down from the top right of the iPad.


Developers can already get started with the beta version of iOS 12. A definitive date for this version has not yet been announced. But if we look at previous releases, it will be around June 26, 2018.

And the expectation is that the new iOS will be launched in September with the new iPhones. More info will of course follow as soon as that is known


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