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Welcome Google Home convenience, but beware

With the introduction of Google Assistant on the Android phone, the tech company announced last week that ‘Google Home’ is also coming to our country. With that, the digital butler for home also comes into the picture for you and me. In this way, we will soon be able to ask the speaking table speaker in our own language to turn on the light, close the curtains, set up a cozy music or even let a wax run. That is of course good news! Because convenience serves man. And we Dutch people love this kind of ingenuity that makes our lives, living and working easier. But unfortunately there is also a downside to the medal of all this good news. Not every manufacturer of such smart technology takes it as closely with safety. Before you know it, a hacker breaks into your house without you having any idea. A digital burglar is something different than the old-fashioned burglar that destroys or takes your stuff. In our digital age, it is both just as bad at least. As more and more valuables are connected to the internet, their security becomes more important than ever.

Burglary-sensitive cleverness

At the beginning of this year we carried out a extended test on the safety of all kinds of so-called ‘smart home’ products. From smart coffee machine, baby monitor, vacuum cleaner to a smart remote control with built-in Wi-Fi for toy cars. It soon became clear that the safety of many designs left something to be desired and that the architecture offered clever cyber criminals the opportunity to break into your home at a distance.

The question, of course, is how you can prevent that misery. After all, how do you know whether safety is guaranteed when you take in such a piece of smart technology? A few things are important anyway. Make sure that you always use complex passwords that you regularly adapt. Furthermore, it is important that you keep an eye on the latest security updates that are often available online. Hackers are getting smarter and manufacturers are always offering new security protection to prevent you from doing so. Make sure that your smart technology is always equipped with the latest security solutions.

Always do a safety check

You can also check whether the manufacturer of your smart home skill meets the cyber security standard for Internet-of-Things (IoT) equipment. This so-called ITU-T Y.4806 recommendation from the International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication Sector contributes to the effective protection of IoT ingenuity.

Finally, cybersecurity software specialists also supply (free) IoT scanners. This software detects your entire Wi-Fi home network. The scanner thus provides insight into the equipment connected to the internet and tells you how it is with its digital security. So you can go to bed quietly and get up safely the next day!

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