Website With 13 Free Typing Games for Kids

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TypeTastic is a free website which gives 13 free typing games for kids. The typing games provided are suitable to be played on touch or non-touch screen devices. The games start off with a easy section to recognize letters on a keyboard and then they increase in difficulty gradually. The website interface is quite colorful and kid friendly.

The website has the typing games divided into three sections. These are Let’s build a keyboard, Hop onto the keys, and Keyboarding Kickstart. The first section Let’s build a keyboard is for the beginners who are just starting with recognizing letters on a keyboard. The second and third sections have considerably difficult games to help students practice accuracy and speed typing.Let’s look at each section individually.

Let’s Build a Keyboard!

The first section which is the most basic one will teach kids who are just starting with typing to recognize letters on the keyboard. To just get used to the layout of the keyboard and which letter is placed where. Let’s look at the games included in this section.Keyboard Builder

Key Features of this typing games for kids:

  • All games on the website are free.
  • Teachers can get a ad free version by registering with a verified email id.
  • Game based learning will make kids learn faster.
  • Beginners can start with letter recognition on the keyboard games.
  • Colorful and fun interface.

Check out TypeTastic for free typing games for kids HERE.

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