Web version of Google Meet will automatically adjust webcam brightness

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The web version of Google Meet is getting a low-light feature. This automatically adjusts the brightness of webcam feeds. That should improve the visibility of Meet users during meetings. The feature has been available for smartphones for some time now.

According to Google, the feature can automatically detect when Meet users are underexposed. The feature can then increase the brightness of the video feed, improving visibility. Google released this low-light mode over a year ago for the iOS and Android versions of Google Meet, but the feature was not yet available for other devices.

Google reports that the low-light mode will be available soon for all Google Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business customers. The company is talking about a phased release. The company will release the feature on September 20 for Rapid Release domains and October 4 for Scheduled Release domains. In either case, it can take up to 15 days for all users to see the feature in the video calling service.

The low-light mode in Google Meet. Click for a gif. Image via Google

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