Waze now also warns motorists about snow on the road

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Waze has expanded its navigation app with a feature that alerts drivers to roads with snow. Earlier, the community-based application also warned users about sleet, hail and fog.

Through the Waze app, drivers can warn each other about all kinds of danger, from objects on the road to bad weather conditions. The latter category has now been expanded with a snow-covered road warning function, making it easier to avoid them during a route.

According to website 9to5Google, the new feature stems from a collaboration between Waze and the Virginia Department of Transportation in the United States. The latter has requested Waze to develop a warning tool for users who live in areas where it regularly snows. Waze decided to make the option available worldwide right away. That is, in all 185 countries where the Waze app is operational.

The novelty is available both in Waze 4.57 for iOS and in version for Android. To report a snowy road or other incident in Waze, simply press the prominent orange button and select the appropriate report.

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