Wasteland 2 is coming to Xbox One

Microsoft has announced fifty new titles for the ID@Xbox program during the Game Developers Conference, which is being held this week in San Francisco. That program allows developers to independently release games on the Xbox One.

In the list of fifty titles, the RPG Wasteland 2 is one of the most notable games. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game from development studio InXile Entertainment was initially released only for PC, Mac and Linux. The game, which includes Wasteland and Fallout creator Brian Fargo, appeared on September 19, 2014 for those platforms. It is not yet clear when the role-playing game will be released for the Xbox One. It is known that the game will appear in a special ‘game of the year’ edition, which will contain a new combat system, renewed voice-overs and better lighting effects.

Another notable title in the list that Microsoft published Tuesday is the side-scroller Shovel Knight, which previously appeared for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and PC. A number of previously announced games such as Smite and Goat Simulator are also mentioned in the list, which Microsoft describes as a ‘glimpse of the future’ of ID@Xbox. The console manufacturer announced during the GDC that it has now sent more than a thousand ID@Xbox SDKs to independent developers worldwide.