Wargaming adds new game mode to World of Tanks – update

Belarusian publisher Wargaming.net has added a new game mode to the game with the latest update to the online game World of Tanks. The developer also provided the game with three new playing fields for the tank battles.

The 8.11 update for the popular free2play game World of Tanks, which can be downloaded from Thursday, will add a new mode to the game. The company announced this on Thursday. According to Wargaming.net, the community has been asking for a game variant for some time in which teams are formed by tank types from the same country. By adding the new Confrontation game mode to World of Tanks, the developer is answering that call. In Confrontation, players can only choose tanks from a certain country, so that more or less a tank battle ensues between two countries.

In addition to a new game mode, the 8.11 update for World of Tanks also adds a new playing field to the game. Windstorm is a new winter map with a European setting. Furthermore, the existing map Himmelsdorf can also be played as a winter variant after the update, while the already existing map Ruinberg is equipped with rain and burning buildings.

Although Wargaming.net has since launched World of Warplanes and is busy with World of Warships, World of Tanks remains by far the most popular game from the publisher, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2013. World of Tanks even set a new record on January 19; there were 1,114,000 people playing simultaneously on the game’s Russian servers on that day. In total, the game has more than 75 million registered users worldwide.

Update, Friday 14:07: the editors have been advised that the 8.11 patch has not yet been officially released. Wargaming will initially release a public test client. The official patch will follow in two weeks, if all goes well with the test version.