Wally can find this robot!

The moment you [W00009005] found Wally on a drawing, feels like a complete discharge. But it is often not even that far, because this drawn cartoon character with red and white striped shirt can not be found. A robot can do this, so you do not have to do it anymore.

Where is Wally?

The company Redpepper has developed a metal robot arm that can recognize faces with a camera. The camera takes a picture of the page. Then he looks for possible faces from Wally. These faces are forwarded to Google’s AutoML Vision, which is trained on photos of Wally. If the system is at least 95 percent certain that it has found Wally, he points out all these possible Wally’s on the drawing.

With Google’s AutoML, Artificial Intelligence tools can be trained without programming knowledge. Photos are put into the software to train the system. In total there are 62 Wally faces and 45 whole Wally’s used for training. The system can well predict where Wally is on the drawings. The fastest time needed for the robot to find Wally was 4.45 seconds.

It makes the challenge ‘Where is Wally?’ a lot less interesting, because the search is fun. But it does show what is possible with AutoML. In the future, a robot might be able to see on which cartoon character you seem most …


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