Wall Street Journal: Netflix considering starting its own advertising division

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Netflix is ​​considering setting up an internal advertising division. The streaming platform is already in talks with several advertising companies, but is not ruling out developing its own department in the event that advertising becomes more important to the company.

Journalists of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal could talk with Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO of Netflix. He previously stated that the company is in talks with Google and Comcast regarding the provision of advertisements and that Netflix only wanted to act as a publisher when it comes to advertisements.

However, if those ads become more important to the company, Netflix also wants to set up its own internal division in the long term to keep control, according to Sarandos. The co-CEO reportedly wants ads to be well integrated and less interruptive compared to ads on cable TV. “I want our product to be better than television,” it sounds.

The man did not give a date when customers can expect ads, but according to The New York Times, that could be as early as the end of this year. The company also did not yet disclose prices for subscriptions with advertisements.

At the end of April it became known that Netflix is ​​looking for a larger audience. It therefore wants a wider spread in subscription prices to increase that audience. During the second quarter of this year, Netflix’s subscriber base declined for the first time in a decade. At the end of 2021, Netflix had 222 million subscribers worldwide. In the first quarter of 2022, the company had 200,000 fewer subscribers than the last quarter of 2021. It expects a decrease of two million subscribers in the second quarter.

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