Wacom Releases Cintiq Pro 24 Drawing Tablet with Optional Windows 10 PC Module

Wacom has announced the Cintiq Pro 24, a digital drawing tablet with a 23.6″ screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The pen recognizes 8192 pressure levels. Wacom also comes with the Cintiq Pro Engine, a small PC that slides into the tablet. can become.

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 can be connected to a Mac or Windows PC and then works as a monitor with a sensitive layer on which the pen can be worked. The screen can display 98 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. The device weighs 7 kg and has a built-in stand. There is a variant that only works with pen input and a variant that also has a touchscreen. They cost 2199 and 2699 euros respectively.

Wacom also comes with the Cintiq Pro Engine, which is basically a compact Windows 10 PC that slides into a space below the screen, allowing the device to work without being connected to a computer. There are two versions of the Pro Engine; the cheapest version has a Core i5-7300HQ laptop processor, 16GB ram and a 256GB SSD, the more expensive version is equipped with a Xeon E3-1505M V6 CPU, 32GB ram and a 512GB SSD.

Both variants are equipped with the Nvidia Quadro P3200M GPU with 6GB gddr5. They have a WiFi 802.11ac module on board and support Bluetooth 4.2. Furthermore, there are various connections on the modules, such as ethernet, USB-c, mini-hdmi and mini-displayport. Wacom is asking $2499 for the i5 version and $3299 for the Xeon version. Converted with VAT, euro prices would be approximately equal to dollar prices.