VR game Medal of Honor will be released December 11th and also coming to SteamVR

The VR game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, previously announced for Oculus headsets, will be released on December 11. The game does not appear to be exclusive to Facebook’s Oculus headsets, the game also appears for SteamVR.

During the Facebook Connect event, developer Respawn Entertainment announced that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is coming on Steam and has full SteamVR support. This is striking because the game was originally launched as Oculusexclusive was announced. The website of publisher EA also states that the game is exclusively coming to the Oculus Rift platform.

The decision to also release the game on Steam may have to do with the strategy change within Facebook. The company is discontinuing VR headsets that only work in combination with a PC. The Rift S will go out of sale next year and there will be no successor. It is likely that Facebook no longer invests in VR games that can only be played on a PC.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be released on December 11 through the Oculus Store and on Steam. The game can be played with the Oculus Rift and Quest, provided the latter is connected to a PC. Via SteamVR, the game is playable with other VR glasses, such as the Valve Index and HTC Vive models.

The game includes a single player campaign and a multiplayer section. Peter Hirschmann, the producer of the first Medal of Honor game from 1999, is involved in the VR project as a director. The game also includes interviews with World War II veterans and survivors.