Volvo shows hydrogen truck with a range of 1000 kilometers

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Volvo has shown a prototype of a truck that runs on hydrogen. After 2025, the trucks must be on the road. They have two hydrogen cells and a total estimated range of a thousand kilometers.

Volvo say that the trucks should be operational after 2025 and available to customers by the end of the decade. The trucks have two fuel cells with a combined capacity of 300 kW. The trucks could be filled with hydrogen in less than 15 minutes and then have a range that should be just as long as the current diesel cars, according to Volvo, a maximum of one thousand kilometers. The weight of the truck plus payload would be 65 tons or more.

Volvo is not fully committed to hydrogen or electric trucks, but wants the two types of vehicles to coexist. The company says that hydrogen trucks are especially interesting for places where electric charging is not always possible and where longer distances have to be driven. At the same time, Volvo recognizes that much still needs to be done to make clean hydrogen a worthy alternative energy carrier.

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