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VMWare Fusion 11.5

VMware has released version 11.5 of Fusion. Fusion is for macOS what Workstation Pro and Workstation Player are for Windows and Linux. The program makes it possible to create virtual machines on a macOS machine equipped with an Intel processor. That way it is possible to run Windows, Linux or Solaris alongside the existing operating system. Version 11 includes support for the Windows 10 1803, macOS Sierra 10.14 and Ubuntu 18.04. In this update, which is free for anyone who has a license for 11, we find support for Catalina, a dDark mode, and support for Sidecar and Jumbo Frames.

What’s new

  • Support for new guest operating systems:
    • Windows 10 19H2
    • Debian 10.0 / 10.1
    • Debian 9.11
    • Oracle Linux 8.0
    • SLE 15 SP1
    • FreeBSD 12.0
    • PhotonOS 3.0
  • Dark Mode: Fusion changes to a dark theme when Dark mode is enabled on your Mac. When Dark Mode Synchronization is enabled, the Light mode / Dark mode settings on the host system is automatically synchronized to the guest operating system.
  • Sidecar support: You can use iPad as a second display for your virtual machine. For more information about macOS Sidecar, see Apple .
  • Jumbo frame support: Virtual networks can now be configured with MTU size or up to 9194 bytes (Fusion Pro only).
  • PVSCI device support: PVSCSI adapter is now officially supported by Fusion, which enhances the compatibility for
  • virtual machine migration between Fusion and vSphere.
  • Open VM Tools is the default VMware Tools for applicable
  • Linux  virtual machine: For more information, see Fusion 11.5 product documentation.
  • Performance improvements, bug fixes and security updates.

Important Fixes

  • Workstation 15.5 Player addresses the use-after-free and denial-of-service vulnerabilities. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has been assigned the following IDs to these issues:

    For more information, see VMSA-2019-0014 .

  • Implemented DLL loading security improvements, suggested by Peleg Hadar or Safebreach.

Version number 11.5
Release Status Final
Operating systems macOS
Website Manufacturer
License type Paid
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