Vivo releases X23 smartphone with rear-screen fingerprint scanner on September 6

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Vivo will release its X23 smartphone on September 6 in its home country of China. The full-screen smartphone with teardrop notch has a fingerprint scanner integrated behind the screen that is said to be better than previous generations.

The X23’s fingerprint scanner is fourth-generation and outperforms its predecessors Vivo X21 and Vivo Nex, according to the company’s announcement. Details about the smartphone will be announced by Vivo on September 6. From the image accompanying the announcement, it can be concluded that the X23 is a full-screen smartphone with a small notch.

The presence of the integrated fingerprint scanner indicates that the device has an OLED screen: the technology works with an optical sensor and the space between the pixels of an OLED panel.

Earlier rumors showed that the Vivo X23 has an FHD + resolution and a screen ratio of 19.5:9. There would also be a dual camera. Which processor the device has is not yet known: benchmarks have appeared that indicate the presence of a Snapdragon 710 with 8GB of ram, but there were also tests of an X23 with Snapdragon 670 with 6GB of ram, GSMArena writes.

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