Virgin Galactic: “within the year tourists in space”

The space is completely hip again. Since a number of extremely wealthy billionaires have all thought they want to send people into space, the phenomenon of space travel is more than ever before, but there are clear differences in the approach. Where Elon Musk with SpaceX mainly wants to take up large rockets and lands Virgin Galactic ‘s Richard Branson is mainly occupied with space tourism. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is sitting in between with Blue Origin.

Branson always gives the impression that he has financed space tourism himself because otherwise it will take him too long before he himself is in space. He is therefore already training for the debut flight of his VSS Unity spaceship which recently completed the first test flight. Branson says that the first real flight of the Unity will take place within a few months, not within a few years. Unity will soon be able to take a small number of extremely wealthy people into space and Branson will do everything to be able to sit with that first generation.

Not that anyone would dare to deny him access, but if you want to go into space, there must first be a lot of training. That is why Branson is engaged in fitness, centrifuge and general astronaut training, so he will be ready in a few months.

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