Valve lets Counter-Strike: GO community self-assess cheaters

Valve is letting the Counter-Strike: GO community check itself with Overwatch. This is a system in which some players, the ‘investigators’, are given the authority to judge players who cheat or behave in a disruptive manner.

The ‘investigators’ or researchers become selected based on their activity in the game, the amount of wins, the age of one’s account, the amount of hours they played and their skills. It is also then taken into account how well they are doing as an investigator, by comparing their assessments with the average. The higher an Investigator’s score, the more weight his voice weighs.

The investigators will be given a button in the main menu that indicates whether they have a case related to a complaint waiting for them. They can then choose to watch a replay of eight rounds, approximately ten minutes, and then make a judgment about the complaint. They can then choose from three ratings: ‘severely disruptive’ if there is clear cheating, ‘slightly disruptive’ if annoying behavior and ‘insufficient evidence’.

If the investigators jointly find that there has been a violation, a ban will be issued. The length of the ban depends on the seriousness of the offense and on possible previous offenses.

Overwatch is still in beta and the number of cases is still limited, and the results are still being analyzed by Valve before bans are given. The system will be adapted in the near future for better reliability and accuracy, but in the future the system will be fully adopted by the community.