Valve is testing new UI for Steam on desktop, toolbar with new apps overlaid

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Valve has released a new Steam Client beta with some major additions to the game platform’s UI. For example, the in-game overlay gets a toolbar with various new apps and widgets. Users can participate in testing the client through the Steam settings.

The updated toolbar appears according to Valve at the bottom of the in-game overlay and contains various widgets and apps that contribute to the gameplay experience: “The new toolbar gives you access to everything you need while gaming; the chat, achievements, game progress, guides, discussions and a browser .”

There are also new functions in the toolbar, including a digital notepad for the specific game that is currently being played. Notes created are synchronized with the Steam account and thus also appear on other systems and hardware where this account is used. Valve also introduces the Game Overview, a summary of all recent events surrounding the game in question. Think of achievements already achieved, relevant guides, recent play time and new updates and patches.

Users can optionally ‘pin’ overlay screens so that they always remain visible during gaming, whereby the transparency of this screen can be adjusted. For example, a guide or note can remain visible via the in-game overlay of Steam.

The latest Steam Client Beta also introduces some major changes under the hood of the gaming platform. For example, the way code is exchanged between different versions of Steam, including for desktop, in Big Picture mode and on the Steam Deck, has been adjusted. This, according to Valve, makes it easier to implement new features.

Images via Valve