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Valve appeals against French court ruling on resale of games

Game giant Valve appeals against the French court’s ruling on the resale of Steam games. The Paris Supreme Court declared the Steam clause prohibiting the resale of gaming licenses of the week invalid.

Part of last week’s verdict is that for three months, Valve will place a link to the full verdict on the homepage of and its mobile apps. The company must do this within a month, on pain of 3,000 euros a day too late, with a maximum of 540,000 euros. However, since Valve will appeal, those consequences will be postponed temporarily. Valve announced its further plan in this case to gaming news site IGN . The ISFE, Interactive Software Federation of Europe, of which many large game companies are members , supports Valve in a response .

The case has been brought by a French consumer organization, which believes that gaming licenses should simply be transferable, just like games on physical media. The case has been running since 2015.

Although the case has been brought against Valve, it is not just about the fate of Steam. Other digital distribution platforms operating in France are also affected by this case. On other major platforms such as Origin, uPlay and the Epic Store, the same applies as on Steam: a purchased game is linked to an account and can only be returned under conditions and cannot be resold. It is possible that the case will also have consequences at European level in the future.

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