Valve adds store hubs to Steam catalog to make searching easier

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Valve is overhauling the Steam store page. The biggest change to the platform’s catalog is new hubs for categories, themes, genres, and tags. The intention is that the update will make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

The new Steam store environment layout is available immediately, reports valve. After the update, Steam users will be able to browse new store hubs, which display a specific genre, theme, category or tag. This should make it easier to find games in specific niches according to Valve.

It was already possible to search for games of a certain genre in the catalog. Now subcategories are added. As an example, Valve mentions the search for Japanese RPGs within the adventure RPG genre.

Valve personalizes the store hubs based on the user’s wish list and which games users already have in the Steam library. Steam displays a carousel at the top of a hub with the most recommended titles for that user. Steam will also be showing popular hubs on the main page and will also recommend hubs to users that may suit their preferences.

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