Users complain about theft via TeamViewer software

Several users on Reddit and Twitter report that they have been victims of theft via TeamViewer software. In many cases, money was stolen remotely from online payment services, such as PayPal. TeamViewer denies that there is a data breach.

The various notifications on social media started a few days ago and often show the same pattern, The Register writes. For example, the TeamViewer web accounts of various users were used to remotely control the computer and thus gain access to PayPal and e-mail, after which gift cards and other products were purchased via Amazon, among others. Users with two-factor authentication and solid passwords for their TeamViewer account have also become victims.

In addition, the TeamViewer service was unavailable for several hours on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the German company told The Register that this was the result of a DDOs attack. The company also rejects rumors of a possible data breach in a statement with a date that is a week in the past. In it, TeamViewer states that there may be malware, which installs the software via an update of Flash.

In another statement, the company reports that users may have been victims of theft because they use the same passwords for different services. Security researcher Troy Hunt eight This is a real possibility, given the large number of recently revealed data breaches at LinkedIn and Tumblr, among others.

However, The Register reports that there are users who claim to have used a unique password for TeamViewer and to have no malware on their system, and have been robbed via the software.