“US wants TSMC to also make chips on American soil”

The US government is in talks with TSMC about a chip factory in the United States. TSMC is said to have already spoken to Apple about this. The US wants to be less dependent on chip production in Asia.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the US government is in talks with TSMC, Intel and Samsung to expand chip production in US territory. Intel and Samsung already have chip factories in the US, TSMC does not yet. That company does have its subsidiary WaferTech, which is based in the US.

A TSMC spokesperson told the Associated Press that it is “actively reviewing available locations, including in the US,” but there are no concrete plans. According to the WSJ, TSMC is also already in talks with Apple about a possible American production facility. TSMC makes Apple’s A-series socs for the iPhone and iPad.

WSJ also has a document in which Intel CEO Bob Swan informs the US Defense that he is willing to work with the Pentagon on a commercial chip factory “given the uncertain geopolitical situation”. The US would like to be less dependent on Asia for chip production, given tensions with China fueled by espionage claims and trade barriers. There are also concerns about the supply of chips due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

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