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US may extend suspension of Huawei trade ban

The US government will probably give companies an extra six months to do business with Huawei. As a result, it would still be possible to continue to receive software updates on company devices.

According to sources from Politico, the US Department of Commerce will soon come to a decision on this. It is an extension of the current rules with which certain companies can ‘circumvent’ parts of the trade ban with Huawei and thus continue to do business. America decided earlier this year that companies were no longer allowed to trade with Huawei, but there was previously granted a deferment for certain components and parts. The postponement period of initially 90 days is almost over, but the ministry would like to extend it for another 60 days.

In principle, it would be an extension so that local providers in rural areas can continue to use Huawei equipment. This was also the case with the previous extension. In addition, however, it also remained possible to release software updates for Huawei phones. That only applies to telephones that were licensed before the trade ban, but not to newer devices such as the Mate 30. Under the extension it is still not possible for every company to trade important components with Huawei. So whether the company can continue to use parts of companies such as Intel or Qualcomm remains the question.

The US government decided in May this year to impose a trade ban on companies that did business with Huawei. Therefore it is uncertain what happens with Huawei . For example, Google revoked the Huawei Android license, although the company continued to provide phones with Google apps. Companies such as ARM also continue to provide important chip architecture to Huawei.

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